Cheese - Northeast

     Cheese - Northeastern U.S.

     Report 20 - Released on May 16, 2018

     Milk volumes are growing in parts of the Northeast. However, many market participants report
     the spring flush truly hasn�t hit yet due to the aftermath of wintery weather from the
     previous months. Cheese makers inform they are seeing heavy amounts of milk in the region,
     yet cheese processing isn�t being pressured to take extra milk loads. Still, intakes are
     clearing milk loads at near to full capacity. Cheese production is strong and inventories
     have been steady. Retail orders are stable, although educational institutions� cheese
     demand is decreasing, due to schools closing for the year. There are reports of stable
     export orders and cheddar prices increasing in international markets. The process cheese
     price shifted higher $0.0650. In addition, the wholesale price for cheddar and Muenster
     increased $0.0225. The Grade A Swiss price is unchanged. National Retail Report-Dairy, for
     May 11-17, 2018, noted the U.S. weighted average advertised price for 8 ounce cheese block
     was $2.26, down 11 cents from the previous week, but up 1 cent from last year. The U.S.
     weighted average advertised price of 8 ounce cheese shreds was $2.18, a decrease of 20 cents
     from last week and down 13 cents from a year ago. Northeast region�s weighted average
     advertised price for 8 ounce cheese blocks was $2.31, 5 cents above the U.S. average, with a
     regional price range of $1.88-$3.29. The average price for 8 oz. cheese shreds was $2.15, 3
     cents below the national average, with prices ranging $1.77-$3.00. In the Southeast region,
     the average price for 8 oz. cheese blocks was $2.19, 7 cents below the average U.S. price,
     with a regional price range of $1.67-$2.99. The average price for 8 oz. shreds was $2.04, 14
     cents below the U.S. average, with prices ranging $1.67-$2.50.

     Cheddar 40 pound Block              2.1350-2.4200
     Muenster                            2.1200-2.4700
     Process American 5 pound Sliced     1.7800-2.2600
     Swiss 10-14 pound Cuts              2.9350-3.2575

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     This week, a cooperative export assistance program accepted requests for export assistance
     to sell 709,889 pounds (322 metric tons) of cheese.
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